Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Insect Trap

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Independent laboratory and field tests conducted by expert entomologists indicate SkeeterVac® mosquito exterminators are effective at attracting, trapping and killing a variety of biting insects. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers agree their SkeeterVac® mosquito exterminator has reduced their mosquito nuisance and allowed them to enjoy their backyard more than ever. Once the pests are attracted to the exterminator, they are captured on the sticky trap or sucked into an enclosure by a powerful vacuum fan. Once trapped, they quickly dehydrate and die.

The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac is available in two sizes: Model number SV3100 for up to 1 acre with moderate biting insect problems

Creating Attractants Propane gas from a standard grill cylinder is burned in a sealed combustion chamber where it is catalyzed into warm carbon dioxide and water. This precision mixture is exhausted out into the air stream. A unique time-release Finetune® lure at the top of the unit emits a scent that when combined with CO2 increases the attraction power for many species. Different species like different levels of the scent. Only SkeeterVac® mosquito exterminators allow you to vary the amount of attractant to match the species in your backyard. Adjustment is made by simply turning a dial.

Easy & Carefree, Assembles in minutes - no tools required.

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Blue Rhino
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