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Guardian Pool and Tile Cleaner by Bright Bay Products

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Guardian Pool and Tile Cleaner from Bright Bay Products, LLC is the most innovative pool cleaning solutions on the market today. Using the latest concepts in renewable resources. Our engineers have created a complete line of safer, more effective professional grade cleaners and de-scalers. Tough yet Gentle, Effective, Safe, Biodegradable...Simple.

Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner is designed to safely remove hard water stains, scale, and calcium carbonate buildup from all surfaces around your pool. Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner uses renewable resources to create an effective cleaner that rejuvenates surfaces back to their natural appearance.

Advanced Protection Guardian Pool Products contain no harsh acids such as muriatic (hydrochloric), oxalic, citric, or phosphoric acid. Traditional acids like these are known for their destructive effects on tile glaze and equipment containing Copper, Brass, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. Guardian Pool Products are the only cleaners and de-scalers that can be safely used on Aluminum (AL 1100) parts with 99.3% metal retention. Products containing traditional harsh acids are known to reduce Aluminum weight between 34% (Phosphoric Acid) and 51% (Hydrochloric acid) when exposed for extended periods. Environmentally Safe Guardian Pool Products are formulated with bio-based building blocks derived from renewable resources, making them significant contributors to the quality and sustainability of life. Only Guardian Pool Products start with EPA recognized environmentally friendly elements, and assemble them into effective descaling agents. Guardian Pool Products are 100% Phosphate free and biodegradable in any concentration.

Sold in 32 ounce bottle

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