Sea Eagle 10ft 6in Sport Runabout Boat

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Rugged, Seaworthy Inflatable Sportboats take you where you want to go ... fast!Whether you go boating on rivers, lakes, bays or oceans, Sea Eagle Sport/Runabouts can handle whatever nature throws at you. The World's best FloorboardsFiberglass Reinforced TransomMost inexpensive competitors have painted plywood transoms. A coat or paint or two might cover up the wood, but no paint job can keep out water for long. In a few years a painted plywood transom will just rot away. The transom is the most crictical structural part of a boat - it must carry the weight and thrust of a heavy outboard motor over bouncing chop. Sea Eagle Transom Boats feature Fiberglass Reinforced Transoms for strength and durability that plywood just can't match. Deep V Inflatable keelYour Sport Runabout will cut through light chop with ease thanks to a deep-vee inflatable keel. Rugged, Secure Aluminum SeatsMany other inflatables use cheap, heavy plywood seats, but Sea Eagle uses rugged extruded aluminum seats that are mounted with our tongue-and-groove mounting system. Rounded pontoons for fast planing Larger, more powerful outboards often cause bow rise in other boats. Our Sport/Runabouts have rounded rear pontoons to get you up on a plane in the shortest possible time.

Material you can hit with a hammer Would you hit an inflatable boat with a claw hammer? We hit the hull 1000 denier hull material in our Sea Eagle boats with a claw hammer .with the sharp claw end. The Sea Eagle reinforced hull material can take this incredible pounding ... so you don't need to sweat bumping into the dock now and then.Size: 12.00Lx12.00Wx12.00H Specifications: Standard Features: * NNMA & CE Certified* Plastic floorboards for easy assembly, long term durability and greater strength* 5/8" grab line along sides for safety* 6" Inflatable Keel* Rounded rear pontoons for rapid planing* Splash Guards on transom* Two stainless steel D-rings for towing* Two Carry handles & Front lifting handle* Oarlocks pop up for instant use* Rubbing stake around hull and under Keel for extra protection.* Two layers of material on lower tubes for greatest abrasion and puncture resistance.* One self bailing drain valve* Boat Carry Bag included* Wide beam hull design for stability Specifications:Exterior: 10' 6" x 5' 4"Interior: 7' 3" x 2' 8"Deflated: 46" x 24" x 10" (hull) 31" x 38" x 4" (floorboards)Tube Diameter: 15.5"Capacity: 5 adults or 1200 lbs.Weight: 91 lbs. (hull), 124 lbs. (w/ roll up floor), 136 lbs. (w/ rigid floor)Chambers: 4 (port, starboard, bow & keel)Material: 1000 Denier ReinforcedSeam: Quadruple Overlap SeamFloor: Aluminum Roll Up or Molded Polyethelene FloorboardsAir Valves: 4 Halkey Roberts One WayEngine Capacity: 15 hp (125 lbs. max weight)Speed Estimates: (with a 9.9hp) 18 mph w/ 2 adults & 12 mph w/ 4 adultsInflation & Assembly time: 20 min. Ships in 2 separate boxes Hull Box 46 x 24 x 11 Transom Kit Box 40 x 33 x 7

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Sea Eagle
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