Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Pro Package

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Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Pro Package ModelSE330-PRO Manufacturers Website Manufacturers Product Sheet Owners Manual "The ULTIMATE Weekend Getaway Boat!" At 26 lbs, you can take it anywhere! Imagine yourself blasting down a white water river spray flying everywhere and your heart beating like a drum. Or imagine yourself on a mirror-smooth lake at dawn, slicing the silence with smooth paddle strokes. Can one boat do all this? Yes, when it's the Sea Eagle 330. It will hold 500 pounds, but only weighs 26 lbs. itself. It will carry two adults and gear, but only needs one adult to carry it to the water. The SE-330 inflatable canoe packs down to fit in a storage bag, but has cargo space for camping supplies for several days. An inflatable canoe can be used for fishing, yacht tending or skin diving. For river runners, the Sea Eagle 330 can handle up to class three whitewater. In many ways, this is the easiest to use, the most versatile and the most fun inflatable canoe that we sell. The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable canoe features an extra thick 33 mil Polykrylar hull, and a I-beam construction floor for extra rigidity, inflatable spray skirts, removable inflatable front and rear seat, front and rear rope handles and a self-bailing drain valve (a handy feature on white water rivers or in ocean surf). Two skegs for tracking and speed Tracking is very important in a kayak. Inflatable kayaks need skegs to track smoothly across the water - otherwise your paddling effort is wasted. Cheaper competitive boats without rear skegs just weave and wander across the water, wasting your paddling effort. The Sea Eagle 330 features two molded skegs - just like a surf board - so you go faster and further with less paddling effort. High Frequency Welded Seams The Sea Eagle 330 has seams that are welded with 10,000 volts of power, fusing the material into one solid structure. This gives us the confidence to cover the SE-330 with a 3 year warranty. Standard Features: NMMA Certified Self bailing drain valve Three deluxe one-way valves Lashed down inflatable spray skirts I-beam construction floor 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking & speed Pressure Gauge and Repair Kit Bow & Stern Grab Line Features Two 8' AB30's, curved blade backpack paddles, upgradedDeluxe Kayak seats, and a storage bag. Sea Eagle warranty: Our Sea Eagle boats are covered for a full three years against manufacturer's defects ... from bow to stern. Specifications: Exterior: 11' 2" x 2' 10" Interior: 9' 6" x 1' 1" Deflated: 24" x 16" x 7" Tube Diameter: 9" Capacity: 2 Adults or 500 lbs. Weight: 26 lbs. Chambers: Three (port, starboard & floor) Material: 33 mil Polykrylar Seam: High Frequency Welded Floor: Inflatable I-beam construction Air Valves: 3 Deluxe One Way Inflation & Assembly time: 6 min. Ships in 2 separate boxes Hull Box 24x17x7 Paddle Box 41x10x5

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