Triple Threat 3 in 1 Flip Table

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BILLIARDS, AIR HOCKEY AND TABLE TENNIS ALL IN ONE TABLE! Pack your game room with this incredible exciting 3-in-1 game table. On one side of this compact table is billiards, while the others side is air hockey. Just simply flip the table around to select one game or the other. The easy-latch locking system makes flipping the table to change games easy, simple, and safe. For table tennis, just place the table topper on top of the billiards table and you’0Ire all set to play! The table is made of high quality ’0LCARB’0M certified MDF material and includes all the accessories you need to play all 3 games. This is a must have in any and every game room! 180-day Limited Warranty. Game Table Dimensions: 72’0M L x 32’0M W x 32’0M H Includes: Billiards 1 set of 1 5/8" billiards balls 1 plastic triangle 1 table brush Air Hockey 2 4" strikers 2 2.5" pucks 2 scoring units Table Tennis 2 piece table tennis topper net and posts 2 table tennis paddles 2 table tennis balls

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Shipping Width:
40.00 (in)
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12.00 (in)
Shipping Depth:
70.00 (in)
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203.00 LBS