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Taylor Reagent R-0007-E 16 ounce bottle

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Taylor Taylor Reagent R-0007-E 16 ounce bottle
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The Taylor Reagent R-0007-E 16 ounce bottle is a chemical solution that is designed for water testing purposes. Manufactured by Taylor Technologies, this reagent is known for its accurate and reliable results.

With a chemical composition that consists of 95-99% deionized water, 0.1-5% sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate, and other components below reportable levels, this 16 ounce bottle is a powerful and effective solution. Its clear liquid form makes it easy to use and allows for precise measurements.

The Taylor Reagent R-0007-E has an odorless scent, ensuring a pleasant user experience. It is also pH neutral, with a pH range of 9.6, making it suitable for a wide range of water testing applications.

Safety is always a priority, and this reagent is no exception. It has a storage temperature of 36-85 degrees Fahrenheit (2-29 degrees Celsius) and a shelf life of one year, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness.

Furthermore, the Taylor Reagent R-0007-E is highly soluble in all proportions, making it convenient and easy to mix. It has a low VOC content of 0.97, promoting a healthier and more environmentally friendly testing process.

Whether you are conducting water testing for commercial, industrial, or personal use, this 16 ounce bottle of Taylor Reagent R-0007-E provides accurate and reliable results. With its high-quality chemical composition and easy-to-use liquid form, you can trust this reagent to deliver precise measurements every time. Order your bottle today and experience the accuracy and efficiency of Taylor Technologies Thiosulfate N/10 16 oz bottle.