Chlorine and Bromine

Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets are a popular and effective way to keep swimming pools clean and healthy. Chlorine is an essential chemical element used to sanitize water in swimming pools, as it helps kill bacteria and prevents the growth of algae. Chlorine tablets contain concentrated chlorine, which slowly dissolves into the pool's water as it circulates. Chlorine tablets are available in multiple sizes and forms, including 3 inch and 1 inch tablets, sticks, and granules. Chlorine tablets should be added to the pool's skimmer basket or chlorine feeder, which will help regulate the release of the chemical into the water. Chlorine tablets typically last for 4-6 weeks before needing to be replaced, however this time will vary depending on pool size and usage. Chlorine tablets are a great way to keep your swimming pool clean and safe for you and your family!


Chlorine and Bromine Tablets for Your Swimming Pool

For your swimming pool, chlorine and bromine tablets are a great way to keep the water clean. Chlorine tablets can be used in floating dispensers or as self-contained devices that dissolve as they come into contact with the water. These are effective in killing bacteria and other organisms that cause problems such as algae bloom. Bromine tablets are an alternative to chlorine tablets and are also effective in killing bacteria, but not as effective at eliminating algae. Bromine is also more stable than chlorine so it does not break down as quickly in the water. Chlorine and bromine tablets can be used together for a balanced pool environment that keeps the water clean and sanitary. Additionally, the tablets can be used in combination with other pool cleaning products such as shock and algaecide to further reduce organics and keep the water crystal clear. Chlorine and bromine tablets are a great addition to any swimming pool, providing an effective way to keep it clean and safe. If you have in questions on selected the right chlorine or bromine options for your pool or spa please contact us and let our experts help you. Chlorine and bromine tablets can make a huge difference in the health and quality of your swimming pool!