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Jacks Magic 1Quart The Sapphire Stuff

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Jacks Magic Jacks Magic 1Quart The Sapphire Stuff
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Jacks Magic The Sapphire Stuff is a great choice for any pool owner looking to prevent scale, staining, scum lines and foaming while getting crystal clear water quality. Its powerful 4-in-1 liquid formula combines a clarifier, flocculent, chelating agent and sequestrant to quickly group together microscopic contaminants into large enough particles to be trapped the pool filter, while being much easier to apply than granular alternatives. Best of all, The Sapphire Stuff is compatible with all types of sanitizer systems, making it safe for use in any pool.

Chemical Type: Clarifier

Directions: 1. If this is an initial application, clean or backwash the pool filter (according to the manufacturer's guidelines) prior to adding product to the swimming pool water. 2. Initial dosage is 1 ounce per 5,000 gallons of pool water. 3.With pump on and water circulating, apply product directly to swimming pool by pouring around edge of pool (preferably in deep end), or by broadcasting over the pool surface. 4.Allow at least 6 hours of continuous circulation after application of product for best results. 5.After 72 hours, if water is cloudy and/or discolored, reapply 1 ounce per 5,000 gallons, running pump continuously until water is clear. 6.Maintenance dosage under normal conditions is 1 ounce per 5,000 gallons applied once every 2 weeks. This will produce a beautiful pool with sparkling clear water. Dosage : 1 ounce per 5,000 gallons

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