Arctic Armor Winterizing Kits

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These handy kits are everything you need to close your pool this fall. All kits are formulated for specific pool sizes - just order the kit to fit your pool. We offer two types of kits, a chlorine based kit and a non-chlorine based kit. Close your pool properly this fall and ensure a sparkling clean pool next spring with Arctic Armor's Winterizing Kit, featuring Blue Wave chemicals.

All kits include free pool closing instructions.



’0R1 pint Terminator Algaecide

’0R1 pint Super Rust & Scale

’0R1 lb. Burst Shock

15,000 GALLON KIT:

’0R1 pint Halt 50 Algaecide

’0R1 quart Super Rust & Scale

’0R2 lbs. Burst Shock

30,000 GALLON KIT:

’0R1 pint Halt 50 Algaecide

’0R1 quart Super Rust & Scale

’0R3 lbs. Burst Shock

Millions of pool owners rely on Blue Waver^ chemicals to keep their pools crystal clear! You will not find Blue Waver^ products at mass merchants such as Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, or K-Mart. Blue Waver^ is only available through an authorized dealer. The Blue Waver^ line-up includes only the highest quality products. Manufactured using only the purest ingredients, Blue Waver^ gives you the most bang for your buck! Unlike cheap look-alikes, Blue Waver^ products will not stain your pool, cause clouding water, or excessive foaming. Blue Waver^'s premium stabilized chlorine features U.V. protection and hard slow-dissolving tablets. It's the best you can buy! Compare our chlorine to brands like Pace, Sunr^, Guardexr^, Lesliesr^, E-Z Chlorr^, BioGuardr^. Blue Waver^'s liquid specialty products are super concentrated, not watered down. For example, you will find that 1 quart of the Blue Waver^ product will treat twice as many gallons as 1 gallon of a brand purchased at Sam's or Wal-Mart. Compare our specialty chemicals to brands like GLBr^, Sunr^, Guardexr^, and BioGuardr^.

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