The Dos and Don'ts of DIY Pool Maintenance: Advice from the Pros

The Dos and Don'ts of DIY Pool Maintenance: Advice from the Pros

Maintaining a pool can be a daunting task for many homeowners, but with the right knowledge and tools, it doesn't have to be a hassle. At, we understand the importance of keeping your pool in top condition, which is why we've put together a list of dos and don'ts for DIY pool maintenance. Whether you're a seasoned pool owner or a first-time pool owner, these tips from the pros will help you keep your pool sparkling all year long.


1. Test your water regularly - Keeping your pool water properly balanced is essential for the health of your pool and the safety of those swimming in it. Use a test kit to check your pH levels, chlorine levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness on a regular basis.

2. Clean your pool regularly - Skim the surface of your pool, brush the walls and floor, and vacuum your pool to remove debris and prevent algae growth.

3. Monitor your pool's equipment - Check your pool pump, filter, and other equipment regularly to ensure they are working properly. Replace any worn or broken parts immediately to prevent further damage.

4. Follow a regular maintenance schedule - By creating a maintenance schedule and sticking to it, you can prevent costly repairs and keep your pool looking its best all season long.


1. Neglect your pool's water chemistry - Ignoring your pool's water chemistry can lead to bacteria growth, algae blooms, and other issues that can be harmful to your health and the health of your pool.

2. Overlook small repairs - It's easy to ignore small leaks or cracks in your pool, but these can quickly escalate into larger, more expensive problems if not addressed promptly.

3. Use the wrong chemicals - Using the wrong chemicals in your pool can damage your pool's equipment, harm swimmers, and even cause irreversible damage to your pool's structure. Always consult with a professional before adding chemicals to your pool.

4. Forget to winterize your pool - In Florida, where the weather can be mild year-round, it's easy to forget to winterize your pool. However, even in warmer climates, it's important to properly winterize your pool to protect it during the cooler months.

At, we are dedicated to helping homeowners maintain their pools with ease. With our wide selection of discount pool and spa supplies, you can find everything you need to keep your pool in top condition. Follow these dos and don'ts of DIY pool maintenance, and you'll be on your way to enjoying a healthy and sparkling pool all year long.

Feb 22, 2024

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