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Magni-Clear Inground Pool Solar Blanket 20' x44' Rectangle

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Here are 10 fast facts about investing in the best pool blanket you can buy: Blue Wave Magni Clear solar blankets are made of the highest quality 14-gauge material to outlast most other in-ground and above-ground pool blankets on the market. Blue Wave Magni Clear solar blankets don’0It harm or pollute the environment like a pool heater may do. Blue Wave Magni Clear solar covers heat the pool faster thanks to a long-life design based on maximum heating and insulation properties. Blue Wave Magni Clear solar blankets are laced with air bubbles that act as an insulating layer, shielding the pool from wind, cloudy intervals, and cool nighttime temperatures. A Magni Clear solar cover will leave a pool up to 15r` F warmer than an uncovered pool. Magni Clear covers are U.V.-protected to hold up under the most intense sunlight. Magni Clear blankets are not affected by pool chemicals. Blue Wave Magni Clear solar blankets allow heat to fully travel through the blanket, while air bubbles further magnify that heat to reach greater depths of pool water quickly and efficiently. Blue Wave Magni Clear solar covers outperform pool blankets of different colors, such as black and silver, which absorb or reflect heat from the pool water’0Dleaving it cool’0Dand prevent the blanket from properly heating up the pool water.

Above-Ground Magni Clear solar blankets are backed by a five-year warranty, and In-Ground Magni Clear solar blankets are backed by a six-year warranty.


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Inground Pool

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