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Lifeguard Purification

Metal Foam Purifier High Porosity Disc For Spas 5 pack

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Lifeguard Purification Metal Foam Purifier High Porosity Disc For Spas 5 pack
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The Metal Foam Purifier High Porosity Disc for Spas is a revolutionary product designed to enhance your spa experience and keep your spa water clean and bacteria-free. This 5-disc pack offers long-lasting purification and is a must-have for any spa owner.

The Metal Foam Purifier features a unique flying saucer flexible plastic water diverter assembly that securely holds the metal foam disc in your spa skimmer. This ensures that the disc remains in place and effectively purifies the water as it passes through.

Made from a proprietary sintering manufacturing process, the Metal Foam Purifier is composed of powdered copper and silver that are melted into a sacrificing porous base. This results in a highly porous metal foam disc that has an increased surface area of over 5000% compared to flat metal of the same weight. This high porosity allows the disc to effectively trap and kill 99.9% of bacteria as the water flows through, making it a highly effective purification solution.

With the Metal Foam Purifier, you can significantly reduce your dependence on chlorine and bromine, as it can reduce their usage by up to 90%. This not only saves you money on costly chemicals but also ensures that your spa water remains clean and safe. After each usage, only a light oxidation treatment is needed, and most users find that simple household bleach is sufficient for this purpose.

The effectiveness of the Metal Foam Purifier has been scientifically proven through tests conducted by the University of South Florida in Tampa. These tests have shown that this amazing product is capable of destroying bacteria and viruses, making it a reliable and trustworthy solution for purifying your spa water.

Invest in the Metal Foam Purifier High Porosity Disc for Spas 5-pack and enjoy clean and healthy spa water all year round. Say goodbye to expensive chemicals and hello to an eco-friendly and efficient purification method.