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PoolRx Natural Mineral Purifier Booster Swimming Pools 102001

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PoolRx PoolRx Natural Mineral Purifier Booster Swimming Pools 102001
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Pool RX Natural Mineral Booster Purifier Swimming Pools The PoolRx Booster replaces lost minerals, or for additional minerals if needed for pools bigger than 20,000 gallons.At PoolRX we are proud to say we have come up with a unique and amazing mineral formulation and rejuvenation process harnessing the best nature has to offer in eliminating algae and bacteria naturally. This mineral formula is the most effective algaecide there is against any type of algae. There are two parts to this product: Minerals in the water Metallic rod Minerals in the water We have packed 8 oz of the minerals into the middle of the rod. This is enough minerals for a 20,000gallons / 80,000 liters. If your pool is larger than that see chart below to work out how many additional boosters or units and boosters you will need. Metallic Rod The rod in the blue cage is a specially treated alloy that has rejuvenating abilities on the copper, silver and zinc minerals. Allowing these minerals to continually defend and attack algae and bacteria in the pool 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and lengthening the replacement time to 4 to 6 months. Yes that’s right! Minerals only need to be replaced every 4 to 6 months. Where do I install it? Simply Place the PoolRX blue cage unit into the leaf trap of the pump. This is preferable as it gets the best water flow over it. If the pump basket is old and it’s really small, pop the blue cage of the unit and place the metallic rod in the pump basket. This may be a good idea if you have a lot of little seeds that continually get caught in the blue cage.    What happens when I place the unit in the pump basket? The blue caged PoolRX unit should be placed in the pump basket when there is at least 4 hours of run time left. This will give the minerals time to dissolve and get through the filter into the pool water where the minerals need to be. The minerals go out into the whole volume of water and form a stable residual, allowing the minerals to eliminate algae and bacteria where ever they are in the water. These minerals are totally effective against algae and bacteria but totally harmless to swimmers. How often do I replace the unit? The unit needs to be replaced every year and replacement minerals every 4 to 6 months with the booster. If not, the treated metallic rod over the year gets oxidized and calcified so when the minerals pass back over it they do not get the ion exchange between the minerals and the rod. When will I know to replace the minerals? Unfortunately because of our patented sequestrant agent, no testing reagent can give you an accurate reading. However it’s really easy to know when to replace the minerals. When you see a small amount of algae reforming you know it’s time to replace the minerals or every 6 months. If you live in a hot and humid climate we recommend replacing minerals every 4 months. Why such a big variance, 4 to 6 months? Every pool is different. Some pools need more sanitizing than others. High bather load, leaves and debris, dogs swimming, algae bloom and bad circulation all contribute to how hard the minerals work. Where do I add the booster? The booster can be added into the skimmer if there is nothing blocking the water flow.  If there is no water flow in the skimmer, place the booster or boosters into the pump basket next to the unit. NB- The minerals do not need to go back into the unit. They just need to be replaced in the water again & the booster tablet will dissolve and minerals circulate throughout the whole body of water and are rejuvenated when passing back over the rod in the pump basket.     Do I need to still add chlorine and how much? Yes, a small amount of chlorine still needs to be added.  0.5ppm to 1.0ppm in residential and   1.5 ppm is health department requirement for commercial pools. We recommend our in line chlorine feeder or floater.  Maintaining a little bit of regulated chlorine all of the time is key. Levels will be almost undetectable for humans and in fact lower than epa drinking water standards but combined with PoolRX minerals create a synergistic effect. Working together to give natural, clear healthy water but totally harmless to you and your family. Is my pool being properly sanitized with low levels of chemicals? Yes, refer to our research section.  Independent labs have proven that the PoolRX minerals combined with as low as 0.2 ppm of chlorine; sanitize the water better than even 10ppm of chlorine could. (Chlorine at 10.0ppm is toxic). How does it do this? The chlorine breaks the cell membrane down of the organism (algae or bacteria) while the copper, silver and zinc go in and kill it, making these two totally different elements work together to eliminate algae and bacteria one thousand times more effectively than chlorine alone.  Allowing you to swim in less chlorine, and at the same time having the peace of mind that the pool water is actually being sanitized far more effectively.