Solaxx Nuvo Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Model UV3000A for InGround Pools

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Did you know that chlorine does not kill the influenza virus, Salmonella or E.Coli?  With the Solaxx Nuvo Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer those and many more are eliminated from your pool water. Whether you use a salt system or regular chlorine to disinfect your water, there are dozens of diseases that are resistant or immune to regular disinfection. But when pool water passes through the NUVO Sterilization Chamber, these pathogens are eliminated by the same process used to sterilize surgical instruments. The NUVO Sterilizer is used in addition to chlorine and will instantly eliminate pathogens such as E. coli, salmonella, staph and streptococcus, giardia cyst, cryptosporidium and many other chlorine resistant pathogens. When water passes through the NUVO chamber, the result is the safest, cleanest water on earth… and all this is done in perfect safety for only pennies a month. With Nuvo you’ll see the benefits of ultraviolet : Low cost, high intensity UV system. Ultraviolet light is used to sterilize surgical instruments No moving parts to break down. Only cost pennies a day to run. Kill what chlorine can't. Chlorine Resistant Pathogens: Hepatitis A Poliovirus Adenovirus Influenza Virus Salmonella Typhi E. Coli Bacillus Anthracis NUVO Ultraviolet Sterilizers are specifically designed for pool and SPA environments and will provide many years of trouble free, uninterrupted service. NUVO costs only pennies to operate and there are no moving parts to break down. NUVO Sterilizers use highest quality quartz for fast performance and long life. Each Sterilizer is packed with necessary plumbing connectors inside the box. NUVO is designed for residential pools and spas only. For perfectly safe water and for your total peace of mind, add the NUVO Ultraviolet Sterilizer to your recreational water system.   Specifications:   Model:        UV3000A  Flow Rate:   55 GPM Pool Size:    Up to 30,000 gallons Max PSI:     50  Bulb Watts: 57 Bulb Life:    14,000 Hours Warranty:   3 Years Salt Water Compatible: Yes Voltage:      220v 

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