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Copper / Silver Ion Generator Model M402

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COPPER/SILVER ION GENERATOR Deluxe Model M402 designed for commercial poolsand fountains up to 90,000 gallons

Kit Includes:

  • Controller with adjustable output knob
  • Multiple LED power indicator lights
  • Polarity change indicator LEDs
  • Plug-in high powered UL rated transformer (110VAC)
  • Clear see-through electrode assembly (2’0M T with 1 rm’0M adapter)
  • Heavy duty oversized copper/silver electrodes
  • Copper color match test kit



How does it work ? Lifeguard Purification Systems Inc. has adapted NASA technology to bring you the safest, healthiest, most cost effective way to purify your pool. Safe variable low voltage DC current is conducted into the chamber and electrolysis takes place. Positively charged ions of copper and silver are released. Copper is a natural toxin to algae and bacteria, and silver to bacteria and virus. Since copper/silver ions do not oxidize (burn-up) sweat, hair oil, bird droppings, etc., a low dosage of chlorine, bleach, or non-chlorine granular shock is needed once a week to keep the pool sanitized. When properly measured, this chlorine "shock" will burn off quickly, leaving the highest water quality you've ever swam in!

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Lifeguard Purification
8.00 LBS