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Lamotte Low Range Copper Test Kit 3619

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The Lamotte Low Range Copper Test Kit 3619 is a handy tool designed to accurately measure the amount of copper present in various samples. This simple color chart kit is perfect for anyone who needs to monitor copper levels in water, soil, or any other substance.

With this test kit, you can measure copper concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 1.0 ppm. The kit includes a set of diagrammed instructions, making it easy to understand and use. Additionally, it comes with an eight standard color chart, allowing you to compare the color of your sample against known copper concentrations. This ensures precise and reliable results every time.

One of the key features of this test kit is its excellent economic value. Available at an affordable price, it offers an economical solution for those who need to monitor copper levels on a regular basis. Furthermore, its simplicity and ease of use mean that anyone can operate it, from professionals to novices.

To obtain the most accurate results, simply view down through the provided tube. The clear construction of the tube allows you to read the precise low range results with ease. No guesswork is involved, as the color chart provides a clear reference for determining the copper concentration in your sample.

Whether you are a lab technician, a pool owner, or simply someone who needs to monitor copper levels, the Lamotte Low Range Copper Test Kit 3619 is an indispensable tool. With its exceptional accuracy and user-friendly design, it makes monitoring copper levels a breeze.

Investing in this test kit not only ensures that your results are precise but also saves you both time and money. Say goodbye to expensive lab tests and unreliable measurements. With the Lamotte Low Range Copper Test Kit 3619, you can confidently monitor copper concentrations with ease and accuracy.